Friday, October 2, 2009

The Next Tier

Well, the I-800A is now behind us. We received notification for a new fingerprinting appointment. Oddly enough just the day after what I thought was our original set appointment. So in the end we didn't really feel like we lost any time with the mistake.

The fingerprinting was completed, very quickly I might add, at the processing center in Chula Vista on the 26th of September.

Today, we received an email from the Department of Homeland Security informing us that the application was approved by the Hague Adoption Unit. We only need to wait for the paperwork in the mail before sending it, along with the rest of our paperwork, to the coordinators in Texas. And shortly after that our dossier is on its way to China!

Now, I really should phone my husband and share this good news with him!


Elizabeth @ TexasEbeth said...

Wahoo! Congratulations on getting that step completed.

Anonymous said...