Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sorry, the Princess is in Another Castle

We are still progressing through the paperwork. The homestudy was approved by the Agency and so we moved onto the next round. With the completed homestudy in hand we must now assemble paperwork for our I-800 A application and submit the completed the application to the United States Office for Citizenship and Immigration Services. This application, required for international adoption, is our demonstration to the government of the United States that we are eligible for adoption and capable of providing appropriate care to the child.

Andrew is in the office reviewing the collection of paperwork that makes up the I-800 A application. With the back and forth struggle of the homestudy documents and the errors that kept popping up we are being cautious over this latest step. Perhaps a bit overly cautious. We’ve been reviewing the documents for a month now. But, I’m really nervous about submitting anything to a federal agency that might have errors. So, Andrew is making the final review of the application. Tomorrow we will get a money order and, along with the application and supporting documents, send it off to Citizenship and Immigration Services.

We’re getting closer to the end of the paperwork. Yet there's still a feeling of frustration when one thing gets approved only to find there's another document waiting for approval from another agency.

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