Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Next Wait

"I thought you would like to know the I-800A application, and the money order has been sent via UPS," Andrew said, his voice metallic through the cellphone.

This was news I was happy to hear. The submission of the application had been delayed last week after I'd nearly fractured my knee in a jogging accident. All concerns of the adoption evaporated from my mind as I spent the week with my knee buried under ice packs. For days I was couch bound unable to stand without crutches or pain.

Everything fell on Andrew's shoulders; feeding the pets, taking the dog out, watering the plants, cooking, dishes and playing nurse to me. There is still a fair amount of work waiting for me, but it can wait a few days longer when I don't need a brace on my knee just to walk. For now I am happy to fret over the lapse in housework and bask in the good feeling of having our I-800A application submitted.

Checking up on the status for Immigration services processing these applications, it seems like we might have a forty day wait ahead of us. Fingers crossed it's that short - I've heard it can be more than ninety days.

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