Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"I" is for Image and "N" is for neurotic

The social worker is coming to our home this Friday for the final meeting in the homestudy. The house is clean, but it could be cleaner.

Instead of cleaning I decided to go through the closets this week and sort things for donation. In addition to needing a good dusting and carpet cleaning, there is now a large pile of old clothes and miscellaneous items that need to be taken to a thrift shop.

I also noticed that two of the three plants on the patio have died. Instead of taking things to the thrift store, dusting the blinds, or borrowing my mothers carpet steamer - I run to four different nurseries looking for the right plants. I judge each one for what it will do to our image when the social worker comes up to the house. I finally walk away from Lowe’s with a pot of decorative grass and a pineapple plant.

There’s still Thursday to clean. If I could stop worrying that the kitchen towels look faded.

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